Home Salon of Dreams

Since the pandemic, home salons have become increasingly popular and we are still seeing lots of home salons being set up. The benefits of a home salon are your commute time is cut to just a short walk, you already have the space (or are thinking of creating/ converting some space you already have) and you can book appointments to suit your lifestyle.

 The first thing to consider is the space you have. Make sure you measure the room and get a real feel for the space. Next, how many sections will you have? Use some cardboard or tape to help visualise these sections. Where do you want your styling chairs to go? Where do you want your backwash units to be? Then, you need to consider the more technical parts. How will the plumbing work? Do you have enough electrical plug sockets?

 Once all the practical bits are done, it is now time to focus on the fun parts! First step – Colour schemes! Are you starting with a blank canvas or building on existing colours? Mood boards are great for inspiration and visualising your thoughts. Pinterest is a fab place to start your search - have you also checked out our website’s inspiration page?

 Now for the most exciting part… time to pick your furniture. We have the largest showroom in the UK of salon, barber and beauty furniture, showcasing over 100 styling chairs in more than 25 salon set ups. We have all our stock items on display including backwash units, colour bars, trollies, stools and reception desks. The showroom is also a great place for decoration inspo! Our friendly, experienced sales team will be on hand to show you around, answer any questions and bring your dream salon furniture to life.

Silver Styling Unit with Storage and Large Shelf by SEC

 What’s more? All our amazing offers are available in the showroom. For example, we have some fantastic styling units with storage which are perfect for home salons. These styling units have shelves behind the mirror, offering a convenient way to store your brushes, dryers and products.

We always recommend visiting the showroom if you are able to. This way you can “try before you buy” and get a real feel for the furniture and colour options. However, we know it is not always possible and for this reason we offer virtual tours. Our sales team will show you around the showroom via video call whilst answering all your questions and showing you our products in more detail.

At the end of your visit our sales team will put together a quote for you to demonstrate the current stock availability, the products discussed and the price. We have multiple package discounts available that will also be popped on to your quote, if applicable.


 It’s not just furniture we sell, we also have the little finishing touches that you may forget find our list below:

Gold Regal Footrest by SEC

Gold Regal Footrests £75 + VAT (other metals available)

 Kodo Neck Cushion

Kodo Neck Cushion £ + VAT (choice of colours available)

 Salon Cotton Hair Towels

Cotton Towels (Pack of 12) £ 26 + VAT (choice of colours available)

 Rapport Salon Gown

Rapport Gown £18 + VAT (choice of colours available)

 Gold Dryer Holder by SEC

Gold Dryer Holder £15 + VAT (other metals available)