Keep Calm and Be Pampered

Beauty comes in a thousand different forms. A trip to the beauty salon is a complete mood booster! Whilst doing it yourself at home is cheaper there is nothing quite like relaxing at the salon whilst being pampered by professionals using the best quality products in the industry. Beauty therapy, or cosmetology, isn't a new concept either. While treatments have evolved, the basic desire of people to look and feel their best has always been around. Archaeological evidence suggests the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians carried out beauty treatments and they used creams and oils on their skin as well as cosmetics such as eyeliner. During the Elizabethan era pale white skin symbolised wealth and power and they would paint their faces with white lead or even go to the extremes of draining their blood to achieve the pale skin tone. Medieval Japanese women would also paint their faces white but they found high eyebrows beautiful so they would shave off their real eyebrows and draw false ones just under the hairline. They noticed that painting their faces white made their teeth look yellow so they would paint their teeth black for contrast. The concept of what is "beautiful" is a fluid concept, always evolving and changing, but the desire to be beautiful is a constant.

 Offering beauty treatments in your hair salon is a great way to expand your business! Nowadays, there are so many different treatments to offer; ranging from: pedicures, waxing and massages to hydra facials, lashing and botox. The list is endless! Offering a new treatment can be daunting as there are so many things to consider- training, staff, space, time, furniture- just to name a few. However, the rewards will be worth it. 

This year, we have been launching our very own beauty range. We now have a wide selection of beauty salon equipment, perfect for expanding any business or setting up from scratch.  Here are a few of our new items, available now to shop on our website or in our showroom.

Ivory & Champagne Pedispa: £1695.00 +VAT

The Pedispa - Ivory & Champagne by SEC The Pedispa - Ivory & Champagne by SEC

The Ivory & Champagne Pedispa has a modern and unique look, ideal for the modern day beauty salon. Its multi-use functions allow you to perform both pedicures and manicures but also facial treatments due to its reclining backrest. With an extra padded seat and moulded backrest, this luxury Pedispa provides ultimate comfort for clients.

Features Include:

- Electric button controlled reclining back 

- Stool included

- Cushioned footrest

- Textured basin base

- Basin cover

- USB port

- Mixer tap

- Champagne metal finish


Ivory & Champagne 2-motor Electric Bed: £925.00 +VAT

The Beauty Bed - Ivory & Champagne by SEC

The Ivory & Champagne Beauty Bed has a modern and unique look, ideal for the modern day beauty salon. The Beauty Bed has a 2-motor system, allowing you to control the backrest and footrest- providing all the features needed to guarantee a smooth and comfortable experience for your clients.

Features Include:

- Electric 2 motor system

- Champagne metal finish

- Remote controlled 

- Adjustable backrest and footrest 

- Face hole and infill 

Ivory & Champagne Lash Bed:  £695 +VAT & £725 +VAT

The Lash Bed - Ivory & Champagne by SECThe Lash Bed - Ivory & Champagne with Stitching by SEC

We are so excited to share our BRAND NEW curved lash beds.

The Ivory & Champagne Lash Beds, with and without stitching, have a modern and minimalistic look, making them the perfect addition for the modern day beauty salon. The luxury Lash Beds have a curved shape and extra padding to provide your clients with upmost comfort while in your salon. The luxury Lash Beds are perfect for treatments such as lashing, eyebrows, aesthetics, facials & more.

Ivory & Gold Deluxe Beauty Trolley: £435 +VAT

Ivory & Gold Deluxe Salon Trolley by SEC

The Ivory and Gold Deluxe Beauty Salon Trolley is a stylish and tidy way to hold your beauty equipment and products. 

Features include:

  - 4 x Drawers

- Wheels

- Drawer divider

This is just a very small selection of our beauty products. You can shop all of our equipment on our website and in our showroom. We also offer virtual showroom tours so you can explore all of our products form the comfort of your own home. You can get your appointment booked via our website or over the phone.