Steps for designing your dream salon

Designing your dream salon is an exciting time for any hairdresser getting ready to start up on their own. Whether it's a brand new salon, a home hair salon or a revamp of a current salon, there a so many things to consider to maximise the space and impact your salon has. We have put together the top things to remember when you are designing your salon set-up. 

1)  Consider your space :

A salon works best when there are well-defined areas. Ideally there should be 3 zones. Firstly, the entrance zone which would include your desk, retail area and waiting area. Secondly, the work area which houses your styling stations, backwashes, beauty stations etc. Third, the comfort area with a client and staff toilet, laundry room, kitchen etc. Make sure the zones flow. Depending on the space you have consider using island units, partitions, colours and changes in height in the flooring to break up the space. In smaller salons using multifunctional furniture, such as a recliner, could save room. Think about how many staff and clients could be in the salon at any one time and whether it will feel crowded for the clients.

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2) Consider your brand :

Your brand is incredibly important. Your brand represents you and your workers and a great brand can give you the edge over your competitors. Give thought to your theme, vibe and colour scheme and whether it fits with your target clientele and the area you're in. A city salon could benefit from an edgy vibe and bold colour scheme, whereas clients in a small, quant village may prefer neutral and elegant decor with a calmer vibe. An uncluttered, clean and tidy salon is important for making a good first impression.

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3) Consider your client's comfort :

Your customers can be in your salon for hours at a time and whether they repeat this again could depend a lot on their level of comfort while they are with you. When choosing chairs go for comfort and quality over style. Try out your chairs before purchasing if you can. Whilst good lighting is essential for you and your staff, if lights are too bright it can be off-putting for the client so try to create a happy medium. If you are lucky enough to have large windows on the front of the salon it's great for lighting but clients may not want to sit in the window with colours on their hair etc so maybe frost the bottom of the window or put something else in the window like your reception area or a nail station. Also look at where you place your retail products. Clients are more likely to buy products if they can see and handle the products first so don't put them behind the desk or anywhere they can't get to. 

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4) Consider your budget and timescales :

Plan your budget out and stick to it as much as possible. Set realistic timescales and try to have some contingency if there are unexpected delays or problems. Always order furniture as early as possible. Think about what needs to be done and what can wait. Always make sure the necessities are covered and then optional extras can follow.  Check out our outlet for salon furniture at slashed prices and get even more for your money!

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5) Consider you!

This is your salon, your brand, your clients, your vibe! So make sure you create something you love, something you're proud to stand behind and represent! And don't forget to sit back and enjoy this journey. When it's complete you will have created a personal and unique space that works for you, your staff and your clients and that is something to be proud of!

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