The importance of being a barber...

Barbering is an age old trade that has never lost it's relevance in society. It dates back to 3500 BC when barbers would use sharpened stones, flint or shells to cut hair. In Egypt, barbers were honoured and respected people within the towns and the art of barbering was used as a way to differentiate between the classes with Kings, priests and slaves all having a unique haircut to show their rank.

Barber translates from the latin word "barba," meaning beard, and throughout history the beard has been used as a symbol of masculinity. In Ancient Greece the male Gods like Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules are usually depicted with full and well kept beards.

Barbershops through the years have been a place where men would frequent to share ideas, stories and the topics of the day and the barbers themselves have always been elevated to high positions in society. At certain points in history barbers have also be classified as surgeons and would perform procedures such as blood letting which is where the term Barber Surgeons originated from. This is also where the design for the barber pole came from as the spirals represent the bandages used during the procedure.

Barbers have also been portrayed in theatre and culture with shows such as The Barber of Seville and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Barbershop music, as made famous by the Barbershop Quartets of the late 19th century, pays homage to the barbershop which is modern innovation and rich history working together in unison. Similarly the quartets are 4 voices working together in unison to make beautiful harmonies and music.

Modern day barbering has since evolved with new innovations, techniques and products but barbering always celebrates and remembers its abundant history.  At BEC we are proud to work with so many barbers helping them to continue in this influential and significant trade. Without a doubt, barbering is one of the most successful and significant professions ever! 

 Are you a barber looking to upgrade your furniture or are you deciding whether to take that first step into the world of barbering and set up your own shop? We have beautiful barber chairs that would fulfill your ideas for your dream barbershop. Whether you want to nod your head to the historic barbers with a traditional style chair or whether you want to bring your barbershop into the modern era with a contemporary style chair we have something to suit everyone! Let us know your favourite style!


BOSS BLACK             or             GREEN CAPONE

So don't delay! You are vital in keeping the history of barbering alive whilst innovating and pushing the concept of barbering into the future! 


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